String Camerata

The Sprague high school orchestra program has garnered much acclaim in the past 23 years both locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  Beginning in 1989, the Camerata began appearing in the state championships, and later added the full symphony orchestra to the state finals.  Simultaneously, the Camerata was invited to participate in the international competition of 1989 in Vienna, Austria. In the span of time since then, the Camerata and symphony have won a total of 26 state championships, 3 international first place trophies in Vienna, and one Grammy for being the finest program in all of the United States.  Sprague’s Camerata has been asked repeatedly to participate in all of the prestigious festivals in Europe and the United States, including a request to perform at the Whitehouse, Normandy [France], on the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri in Pearl Harbor, and numerous state and regional conferences [OMEA, MENC].  Sprague orchestra tours have included Seattle and Spokane, Wa., San Francisco and Los Angeles, Ca., New York, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Czechoslovakia.  Today, graduates of the Sprague orchestra program are performing and teaching throughout the world in major universities and symphonies.

Camaratta Orchestra Fall Concert 2015 - Bradenburg Concerto No 3 Illrd Movement Alllegrao JS Bach

Camerata Members - 

Violin I

Joshua C, Arika H, Joseph M, Nicky S, Kylie T, Michael V

Vioiln II

Kylie F, Kaylee H, Aimee H, Andrew L, Madeline S


Alvin A, Gabriel G, Lauren J, Abigail L, Damon Z


Connor D, Laura D, Evan L, Maegan M, Riely W


Andrew B, Santiago M